The first assignment was a fun one. Fortunately, I have several notebooks scattered around the house. This one with the butterfly is my favorite. I have been writing in it for quite a long time and it has snippets of all sorts of things. I have journal entries, lists, story snippets, book reviews, quotations from books and many other little bits of myself. The cover makes me smile because it is beautiful.

Here are a few more of my jumbly journals. They also have all sorts of things in them. I have even glued some poetry or other things inside that have caught my attention. I pick up extra composition books when I do my daughter's school supply shopping since they are very economical and sometimes they are fun to look at too. The striped one though, was a plain old black and white one before I attacked it with wrapping paper to make it more fun. I have one much smaller notebook that travels with me in my purse, but it isn't pretty at all. I got it for free from a vendor at a conference. It's dead useful though when I am not at home and need to jot something down.

I didn't write much while I was on vacation with my family last week, but I am looking forward to filling up my notebooks over the summer.



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