Honestly, the Mini-Lesson from Monday seemed too emotionally difficult, so I did Tuesday's Quick Write instead. Kate asked us to write for two minutes about a very specific place. So I went to my back porch and settled in to write.

Schatzie, my slightly silly little dog, strains to get past the fence at the top of the stairs. He hears the twittering songbirds and wants to go bounding off of the deck after them. He whimpers for his freedom one last time before settling down to enjoy the evening. A silky breeze keeps brushing across my skin carrying a soft scent of lilacs. The wind chimes move so gently that they have no voice. Hummingbirds flit over to sip from the feeder. Listening closely, I can just hear the faintest hum of their wings under the whirr of the neighbors air conditioner. Gray clouds hang in the sky and a few gentle raindrops began to fall. The wind chimes start to sing as a sudden spring shower chases us back into the house.


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