I started this just before midnight, so it counts for Tuesday right? Today's prompt came from Jeannine Atkins and you can see her full explanation and excellent words of wisdom on Kate Messner's blog.

Hi Lyla, 
How are you doing? I hear that you and your family are planning a camping trip to Brazos Bend. That sounds like a lot of fun. Is that the place with the alligators? I didn't know you could camp there. Have y'all been there before? I haven't, but I have some friends that have hiked there before and they love it. What are you looking forward to at the park? 

Have you all practiced setting up the tent? I've been tent camping before a few times and it always takes me awhile to remember how to put those silly things together. I am sure you all will have a few laughs while you are doing it. Try to keep my brother from whacking himself with the mallet. You know I love your daddy, but he can sure be a klutz about stuff like that. Better stand back or better yet, maybe you should be knocking in those tent pegs instead.

I miss seeing you every weekend, but I am glad that y'all have settled into your new house and are enjoying the sights around Houston. What's been your favorite place to visit? Have you met any new kids in your neighborhood? How is your sister doing with all the new things going on around her? Gabby probably thinks this is all very exciting and fun. She seems to always have a smile for everybody and everything. Well, except when she's cranky, but thank goodness that isn't too often.

I love you and look forward to seeing you and your new bedroom next month when I come to visit. Have you finished decorating it? What does it look like now? Did you pick a theme or a special color scheme (like yellow)? 

Love you Lylagirl
Aunt Sue

Hi Aunt Sue,

I'm fine. Yeah, we're going to the place with the alligators. Mom is a bit freaked out by that. The other day I heard her tell dad she had a bad dream about the place. She actually dreamed that we were in a paddleboat surrounded by alligators and Gabby was leaning over trying to pet them. She said she woke up just as Gabby was falling into the water. There is no way they have paddleboats there so it is completely ridiculous, but you know mom is a bit jumpy about wild animals. I honestly can't believe she agreed to this. It should be interesting.

We've been there one time before for a hike. My favorite thing there is the observation tower and the path to it because you get to see so many alligators. They are floating all over and you can see over to the island when you are up in the tower. They like to hang out over there.

We haven't practiced with the tent, but it's not a bad idea. You're right, dad's not so hot at stuff like that. It will probably be pretty funny. Maybe I can convince him to let me use it in the backyard tonight. 

My favorite place so far has been the Space Center. It was super cool to see how big those rockets really are and to see the control station where they heard those guys say Houston we have a problem. It was awesome.

My room is looking really good. I LOVE the built-in bookshelves. I have plenty of room for all of my books and my rock collection. We decorated the walls with yellows just like you guessed. It's just soooo cheerful. We found this fun smiley face rug for next to my bed. I even got those cool 70s beads that hang in doorways too. My bedspread is tie-died and I just love being in there. The only bad thing is that I don't have any friends here to show it to, but I did post some pictures online for my friends back in San Antonio to see. 

Gabby is having fun. She is so bubbly and smiley that everyone just falls in love with her and goes gaga for her. It's not working like that for me. Mom says I just need to open up, but it's just scary and you know I have a hard time talking to people I don't know very well. Gotta go. Mom's yelling. It sounds like she needs help with Gabby. I think Gabs just pushed the jello bowl off of the counter and it sloshed all over the floor since Mom wasn't done making it. Off to the rescue.



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